Thank you for my 12 month reading. I have holidays booked where you said there would be travel and I can see that some of the events you predicted are already in the embryonic stage. Very pleased.

Carole  A.

My Past Life Reading was AWESOME! I already knew of 2 past lives as religious people and could see immediately that these 2 lives came up  in the spread. Another lifetime as a frustrated artist was in complete contrast to the two religious ones, but all three lifetimes were spot on as I am repeating the frustrated artist life again, and I am dealing with issues of lonleiness in this lifetime too. Great to see it spread out as an overview so I can understand myself more now. Thank you. Paul B.

 Past Life Regressions

No idea what to expect when I came for my regression and am very amazed at the detail of my past life.  I can relate to the feelings of jealousy I experienced then and how I am now. Since the regression I keep realisisng lots of new things about my behaviour and I am working on them. :) Thank you so much. 

Helen G. 

I found it easy to relax with Deborah as she has a wonderfully soothing voice and soon I experienced several past lives that gave me a great deal to think about! I understand my family relationship difficulties much more now thank to the insights I gained during the regression. Highly recommend.  Maggie.