Deborah J Monshin BSc, C.Hyp, 

Member of the Past Life Therapists Association

About  Deborah

Deborah J Monshin BSc has always been fascinated by Reincarnation and Life Between Lives.

Deborah qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2000 with Vicky & Neil Watson, founder members of The National Society of Professional Hypnotherapisrts, in Blairgowrie, Scotland.

After qualifying, Deborah decided to specialise in Past Life Regression Therapy.

Deborah is based in WINDERMERE, South Lakes, Cumbria, where she offers Past Life Regressions and Card Readings.

Deborah accepts PayPal and BACS payments for remote readings. Cash is also accepted for one-to-one sessions.

Deborah Is author of 'Past Lives-Present Healing' - the regression handbook for anyone interested in learning  how recalling past life memories can heal their  current life.  Available from Amazon as an ebook, or a physical book.

Deborah ran a successful Hypnotherapy business in Plymouth before moving to Cumbria in 2007.

In the past 18 years Deborah has added a variety of Energy Healing and other Holistic Skills to her 'kitbag', including Quantum Touch, Reiki, EFT, EDMR, Diamond Light Healing and others.

Recently returning to Holistic Care after a break, Deborah is again specialising in Past Life work and Intuitive Healing.

Deborah attends MBS fairs in Carlisle, Barrow-in-Furness, Whitehaven, Morecombe and  her  events page for latest details.

As an empath, Deborah uses intuition to guide healing for her clients.

New Workshops for 2020

Energy Healing 

Meditatiing with  Trees 

Meditating with Sacred Stones 

Meditating with Buildings

To register your interest email me at goldenboughtherapies@gmail.com

Past Life Regression

I offer one-to-one Past Life Regression sessions from my therapy room in Windermere.

Using relaxation and quided creative visualisation we access your past life memories, which are designed to connect you with your inner self, leading to greater understanding of your motivations and desires in your current life.

Profound Healing can often take place, and as we journey through the memories, I lead you through healing any emotional conflicts or physical afflictions, in these Past Lives,  to heal Karma or residues carried forwards to your Current Life.

We also visit the Between Lives Realm to gain a greater understanding of the Karmic lessons we have learned; to better understand the pre-incarnation contracts we made with others; and to re-connect with loved ones, our Soul Group and Spirit Guides.

Regression Session: £80

Allow 2hrs for your session

Current Life Readings 

12 month Current Life Overview Reading

Using 12 cards, one card for each of the next 12 months, this reading gives you an overview of what to expect over the coming year.  You may discover auspiscious months for financial dealings, upcoming family events or the best times to be creative. 12 further purpose or action cards are also drawn for you to indicate where you should put your focus now.

6 month Current Live Overview Reading -  as above but using 6 cards.. and 6 action/purpose cards

One-to-one reading in Windermere  12 month  £30 / 6 month £20

Email reading 12 month £35 / 6 month £25

You will recieve a written report via email or Messenger.  

Please allow 3 working days for your reading.

3-Card Reading (plus 3 purpose/action cards)

This mini reading will cover your recent past, present focus, and near future. It's useful if you are looking for a resolution to a question, or at a crossroads in your life and are seeking direction.

Email only reading £15   PayPal & BACS accepted.  Please allow 3 working days for your reading.

Past Life Readings

I offer three different kinds of Card Readings:

Past Life Card Reading

Using 20 cards, this reading will show you three past lives that are connected to your current life. The first 15 cards may show patterns that you are repeating, specific skills and learning that you have undertaken, and the journey of your Soul over the three lifetimes. Have you cleared Karmic issues? Are you stuck in a repeating loop? What decisions have you made between these lifetimes? Have you fulfilled your Soul Purpose in each one?  The final 5 cards show your current lifetime and what is being reflected from those three previous lifetimes. 3 further purpose or action cards are also drawn for you to indicate where you should put your focus now.

One-to-one reading in Windermere: £40

Email reading: £45

You will receive an in-depth written Past Life Reading report via email or messenger. 


Extended Past Life Reading

This reading is as above, but with a wealth of additional specific information. It may show your sex, age, occupation, country and county, and possibly town of origin, significant events in your lifetime and at what ages, your family status (siblings, whether you married and had children etc), family occupations, your age and manner of death, your health status, your financial status. It can confirm connections with people in your current lifetime. This reading may also show your attitudes  in that lifetime and elements of your character. It may indicate issues that you have brought forward with you to your current life. 

Extended Past Life Reading

Email Reading Only: £60

You will receive an in-depth written Extended Past Life Reading report via email or messenger. 

PayPal & BACS accepted.

Please allow 4 working days for your reading.


Address: Windermere, Cumbria

Mob: 07547 136262

Email: goldenboughtherapies@gmail.com

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